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Yutian Hengtong Spring Shock Absorber Co.Ltd. is a chinese coil spring manufacture. it is located in the city of Tangshan, Hebei Province. It lies in the center of Beijing, Tianjin and Tangshan with a very convenient communication. Our company has a land coverage area of over 40,000 square meter, there are total 260 employees including 30 professional technicians and 5 senior engineers. The registered capital is 8.6 million RMB.

Yutian Hengtong Spring is a professional spring manufacturer with 29 years of production experience, it has abundant technical resources, first-class production equipment and advanced quality control system . The company provides OEM quality coil springs for auto,various of machines and equipments used for coal industries and Manufacturers of home electrical appliance.Our main products include: locomotive coil spring,elevator spring, industrail spring,shock absorber spring,single hydraulic support returning spring, and various mechanical springs...

Welcome to our factory!We are near by beijing!

Tel: +86-315-6106835
Fax: +86-315-6162286
WebSite: http://www.thtth.cn www.facebook.com/htautospring
E-mail: htsunny@thtth.cn Sunny Liu
E-mail: htabby@thtth.cn  Abby Yang
Add: Xingyu Industrial Park,Yutian County,Tangshan City,Heibei Province,China